Water Drilling and Mongolia

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  • Between 2006 and 2011 our team tried to ship our drill rig to Africa, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Thinking this was God's plan but we hit major road blocks.
  • In 2011 we gave up. We asked God that if this drill rig was going somewhere, He would have to make it happen. Within a week, Rick's employer received a phone call. It was a man named Randy Fain. He saw the drill rig just sitting on Rick's company's property. His boss gave him Rick's contact information. Randy worked with a nonprofit organization called SWIM (Safe Water International Missions). He asked if I they could send this drill rig to Mongolia. We had never dreamed of Mongolia. We knew that we could not decide the future of this rig, only God could. So we prayed. A local church unanimously agreed to donate the drill rig to SWIM. This was the start of our journey to Mongolia.
  • In 2012 we overhauled and finished preparing the drill rig with the help of friends and family. Now it was time to see if this drill rig would work. We drove the drill rig to a Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Many parts of the reservation had no water. We successfully drilled and set up a water well. Praise God!!
  • In 2013 The SWIM team traveled to Mongolia to drill for water. There was a small drill rig in Mongolia that we would use. This drill rig could not drill deep enough to reach the water. We met with the Mongolian government. This paved the way for the future and destiny of the drill rig we had back in the USA. In order to reach the water, we must find a way to get the bigger rig from the USA to Mongolia. That is a big task!
  • In 2015 The SWIM team returned determined to find water. Again, the drill rig in Mongolia was just too undersized! We were not successful. We met with the Mongolian government and developed a plan to get the bigger rig, in the USA, to Mongolia.
  • In 2016 The SWIM team, equipped with additional members, returned. God's hand was always present. Rick was driving to the site to drill. The Mongolian police stopped him. He was not allowed to drive in Mongolia. God provided just the right local Mongolian (Caleb) to be our driver and drill trainee. God used Caleb as he worked side by side with our team. He read the Bible to the local Mongolians before they would start their day. These Mongolians, nomads, had never heard any news about God. They even watched The Jesus Film in Mongolian. And finally, two wells were completed!
  • In the beginning of 2017 The drill rig was still here in California, sitting idle. Rick knew he needed to get it to Mongolia. One day, a man walked onto the property and asked if the company ever needed shipping services. He spoke directly to Rick. Many long days and hours were spent preparing the drill rig for a long trip on a ship to China. Many people volunteered their time to make this happen. In August a man with a trucking company volunteered his driver. The 43 foot long, 60,000 pound drill rig was loaded on an 18 wheeler truck. It was taken to the shipping yard and loaded on the ship to China. The shipping agent even found a driver in China that could drive the drill rig the 600 miles from China to Mongolia. In September, we shipped a forty foot container filled with materials needed for the drilling. Members of the Las Flores Church in Carlsbad also provided much needed items for the village in Mongolia. Boxes were filled with warm clothing, shoes, over the counter medicines, bandages etc. In October, the SWIM team returned to Mongolia to meet with the Mongolian government. The framework was set for future trips to drill in Mongolia. The night the team left, they witnessed a historic moment. For the first time in Mongolian history, the government allowed Mongolian Christians to worship in public. They were assembled in the capital of Mongolia's town square. There were soldiers present. Rick could hear Christians worshipping out loud for the first time and snow began to fall.
  • In June 2018 a second container was shipped. The container had donations of school equipment and much needed supplies for the village. Recently, the Sunday School class in Mongolia collapsed. One of the containers we sent is being transformed into a classroom to replace the one that is gone. Our new team is LTI, Life TIme International. This is an opportunity that has developed over the last year.
  • We will continue to work with and partner with Green Gobi, a non- government organization in Mongolia.